The Skills Academy Held a Careers Day for Pupils - Kibble: Specialist services & support for young people facing adversity
Posted: May 4, 2023

Kibble’s education and training centre, The Skills Academy held a careers event for young people to meet with key employers and discuss potential future careers.

The Skills Academy encourages students to look positively towards the future and supports young people to gain qualifications and experience in a subject they can progress into a career. Recently, some have begun building a career in construction, others have shown talent in expressive arts while one has specifically advanced their skillset in mechanics. Young people focus on subjects they find interesting, which can increase self-belief and lead to academic and practical achievements.

The careers event was an opportunity for young people to discover different organisations and learn about the subjects, skills and qualities employers look for. As young people thought about their future, the prospect of working within a thriving business and earning provided motivation.

Employers in attendance were varied to reflect the extensive job market options. Young people were able to chat with One Ren, Morrisons Construction, Scottish Fire and Rescue, Dogs Trust and more.

All companies explained there are a wide range of job roles and careers available that many outside their specific sector may not be aware of. For example, Morrisons Construction require those qualified in a specific trade, graduates, and administrative team members. Dogs Trust shared they have over 365 job roles available across several locations and multiple departments with job vacancies ranging from Receptionist to Dog School Coach.

The team at The Skills Academy provide a highly supportive learning environment with a varied curriculum, practical lessons and work placements as well as fun, engaging experiences including financial planning workshops and careers events. By meeting with employers, young people were able to learn about local organisations and their recruitment processes, inspiring young people to think carefully about the career opportunities available to them.

The Skills Academy is dedicated to educating students with employability and life skills, supporting young people to thrive in their own home and lead happy and healthy lifestyles.

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