Kibble Project Coordinator, Paige attended the Erasmus training programme, Step In, which was held in Budapest. Paige was one of 25 people selected by Erasmus from over 2,400 applicants. - Kibble: Specialist services & support for young people facing adversity
Posted: June 6, 2024

In her role as Project Coordinator, Paige motivates pupils to learn about important topics through interactive activities. Paige leads on the Delivering Equally Safe, a project funded by Scottish Government and managed by Inspiring Scotland with the overall aim to prevent and eradicate of violence against women and girls.

Paige has had the responsibility of teaching young people about safe relationships and as a result of incorporating engaging teaching methods including script-writing and drama, artwork and short stories and interactive boards, young people have shown interest and gained a greater understanding of the values of Delivering Equally Safe.

To further her own knowledge on inspiring pupils, Paige decided to attend Step In. Paige joined others from across Europe who have a similar job role to her. All exchanged their ways of working and shared resources. The sessions helped attendees strengthen leadership skills and learn how best to manage conflict and group dynamics amongst young people. There was time to reflect on what kind of leader you believed yourself to be – a delegator or coach. By gaining insight into your own practice, opportunities to try new ideas can be identified.

Paige shared, “This training course provided me with the chance to explore different methods on facilitating group work. I had the opportunity to describe Delivering Equally Safe and how it is being taught in our school within Scotland, comparing different practices across the world.”

“Throughout the week, we explored conflict management, personal leadership skills, and engagement tools when discussing complex societal issues. I was able to reflect on my experiences at Kibble and share relevant examples to groups about how I have developed as a project coordinator. The trainers and attendees listened to my presentations about what tools I feel are most effective for working with young people; such as creative writing, drama and critical thinking discussions.”

“My knowledge has been enhanced and I have learned about my personal strengths and weaknesses as a facilitator and things to consider when conflict arises amongst young people; such as decision-making and processes of working and learning together. This has boosted my confidence as a project coordinator and allowed me to understand areas for development and future planning for group work at Kibble. Additionally, I have made international connections with professionals who I can continue to link in with to share resources and objectives for educational projects.”

Paige’s enthusiasm when describing the trip demonstrates the valuable knowledge gained. Paige also commented on how Kibble stood out with their trauma-informed ways of working and her pride in presenting our approach to her fellow attendees.

One of Kibble’s greatest staff benefits is their willingness to invest in your continued learning and training. For Paige, she spoke with her line managers before approaching Kibble’s Learning and Development team and sending her submission into the programme for consideration. Her alongside application joined 2,400 others and she was overjoyed to hear she had been successful.

Kibble’s own Learning and Development team are always willing to hear about all employees’ career aspirations and goals.

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