Kibble Sponsored Children in Scotland’s Annual Conference - Kibble: Specialist services & support for young people facing adversity
Posted: June 6, 2024

Kibble were amongst an entire network of individuals, organisations and local authorities who all influence the lives of children and young people on a daily basis.

Children and Young People’s Commissioner, Nicola Killean opened the conference with Young Person Chair, Mhairi and together they began the two-day event filled with powerful keynote speeches and insightful workshops. The following day, the delegates were welcomed by Chief Executive of Voluntary Action South Lanarkshire and Board Convenor of Children in Scotland, Steven Sweeney alongside Young Person Chair, Olive.

The highlight of the event, in our opinion, were the workshops held by our very own Kibble colleagues.

Therapeutic Practitioner, Rachel; Principal Teacher, Lucy and Service Manager, Caitlin led a session titled, “When young people are risky, complex or ‘stuck’. A case study of integrative working from Kibble.” Each of them gave an honest account of working alongside one another while striving to work also with young people; rather than young people feeling therapy and care is something done ‘to’ them, it must be carried out ‘with’ them. Rachel, Lucy and Caitlin were upfront about their experience of trying to change environments to care for young people with complex trauma and reinforced the essential requirements of time and patience. The session ended on an extremely positive note with Rachel’s sharing an uplifting monumental moment: when a young person felt ready to go cold water swimming.

Additionally, SAFE and IVY delivered a workshop about the difference being made through the two community-based services. Senior Family Service Practitioner and Family Psychotherapist, Amanda and Social Worker, Mhairi spoke of the progress made to date.

Overall, everyone in attendance thoroughly enjoyed the event, each learning something new and now, we look forward to Kibble’s own Annual Conference in November.

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