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Kibble Students Show St Mirren’s First-Team, First-Class Construction Skills

Look at the renovation projects completed by Kibble students from The Skills Academy who are aspiring joiners.

The Skills Academy’s Aspiring Joiners Celebrate Sweet Success

Talented Kibble students from The Skills Academy built a sweetie cart for all to enjoy at our fun school events.

The Skills Academy Held a Careers Day for Pupils

Kibble’s education and training centre, The Skills Academy held a careers event for young people to meet with key employers…

Kibble Sponsor St Mirren Women’s Team

Kibble sponsor St Mirren Women’s Team in the hope of encouraging greater participation and access to the game across the local community.

Kibble and St Mirren FC Support Local Young People with Nationwide Community Grant

Kibble’s partnership with St Mirren has enabled more young people to develop the skills needed to live independently with Nationwide funding.

The Skills Academy Help Renovate St Mirren FC’s Hospitality Entrance

Young people who attend Kibble’s Skills Academy renovated St Mirren’s hospitality entrance under the guidance of a Joiner Instructor and gained their National Progression Award in Construction.

Kibble and Nationwide Help Young People Develop Independence

Kibble is helping young people prepare to live independently and thrive in their own home with support from a Nationwide Community Grant.