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Posted: June 6, 2024

John Paul joined Kibble almost four years ago and has since received a Postgraduate Certificate in Autism from Sheffield Hallam University and is set to graduate in November.

Advice from John Paul to anyone considering Further Study is to understand the commitment involved. He advised the course he chose was intense with two modules having to be completed within 7 months of the start date. It was his genuine ambition to gain a formal qualification in autism   and learn valuable new skills that motivated him to pursue the academic challenge.

John Paul shared, “I applied for this course as I have always had an interest in autism. I previously worked in an autism specialist school and whilst I have had training, I had no formal qualification until now.”

As the Acting Principal Teacher of Additional Support for Learning, the Further Study experience

Kibble is focused on offering you and your colleagues the chance to gain qualifications suitable to your job role. The Further Study experience gave John Paul the opportunity to develop tangible skills and a newfound understanding in autism, which was helpful in his role as Acting Principal Teacher of Additional Support for Learning.

 “I think the main benefit of achieving the qualification is that it keeps me up-to-date with current teachings on autism as knowledge in this field is continually growing and developing.”

I would definitely encourage others to apply for the further study programme. We are very lucky Kibble offer this!”

The accomplishment was due to John Paul having a genuine ambition to learn new tangible skills he could bring to his role and to young people he supports day-to-day. 

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