In 2007 Kibble Education and Care Centre launched SE Podcasts – a series of episodes where key figures in the third sector were interviewed and encouraged to give their views on the importance of social enterprise.

But times have changed. And so has the format.

In 2015 we launched the Kibble Podcast Network. Our goal is simple – to stimulate conversation in the third sector. As smartphones and tablets have become further integrated into our lives, the accessibility of podcasts is now much greater, and much easier than it has ever been.

So it’s time we capitalised on the unique possibility that podcasting offers to hold detailed, intimate, broad reaching and engaging conversations on the issues that matter to us most.

Our first podcast was ‘Social Enterprise Conversations’. In it we will to agencies, enterprises, business leaders and employees in order to create a dialogue about and within social enterprise. We want to identify what the current issues facing the sector are, what the future of the sector is and, perhaps most importantly, for social enterprises to share their unique stories. We aim to cover all of the social enterprise events we can, have roundtable/panel discussions with social enterprises and also one-on-one chats with the individuals involved in these organisations, both nationally and internationally. The great diversity of the businesses involved in social enterprises provides an excellent basis for rich, diverse and exciting conversations.

Our second podcast focuses on Child and Youth Care and is aptly named ‘Reflections on Child and Youth Care’. In it we speak to industry professionals about their day to day lives in the child care sector, discussing some of the challenges and the rewards of working with young people, as well as sharing their practice knowledge in the hope the others will learn from it.

What We Need From You

Of course, we can’t do this alone. We hope for KPN to act as a resource for those in social enterprise and child care to share their experiences and stories so that we can build a collection of shared knowledge from which we can all learn. It is important that we share best practices, and that this resource strengthens our sector.

In order to do that, we need you. We need passionate voices, we need those who want to be heard and we need people who want their organisation to be recognised as valuable contributors to our sector and society.

Think you fit the bill? Head on over to the contact page for information on how to get in touch. Let’s talk.

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