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SEC32: Graham Bell and Lesley Fuller from Kibble Education and Care Centre (Part 1)

The first in a series of interviews with Chief Executive of Kibble Graham Bell, and Marketing, Funding and Communications Manager, Lesley Fuller.


3rd June 2016

As I continue to navigate the social enterprise landscape – and let me tell you, it is a vast landscape – I have, from time to time, spoken of how Kibble is a social enterprise. The main motivation for this podcast is to share the social enterprise model with as many people as possible whilst highlighting the amazing work that social enterprises do.
Some may be wondering what it is that Kibble do, and whilst this has briefly been touched upon in a few episodes, it has never been addressed head on. That changes with this episode, as I put Graham Bell, the Chief Executive of Kibble Education and Care Centre, in the hot seat alongside Lesley Fuller, the Funding, Marketing and Communications Manager.
You might ask “Mark, why has it taken so long for the organisation you work for to feature on the podcast that it operates?” and the answer is simple, and it is twofold.
Primarily, Kibble Education and Care Centre is one of the biggest charities and social enterprises in Scotland, but we did not want this to be the focus of our social enterprise programme. There are many people out there doing great work, and the best way to communicate this is to have them talk about what they do directly. We believe that the sector is strong, and that social enterprise is an important, sustainable and wonderful way of doing business. It is important to us that we highlight the strength and diversity of the sector, allowing people to see what a wonderful, life changing thing social enterprise is.
Secondly, I always knew and had always planned to do a series of podcasts which focused on our organisation, and with 31 episodes now in the can, I felt the time was right for us to start talking about what we do and why do it.
This is part one of a four part series on Kibble Education and Care Centre. In this episode we cover Kibble’s history and talk a little about its mission.


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