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SEC19: Alastair Davis from Social Investment Scotland

We have a brief chat over Skype with Alastair Davis from Social Investment Scotland about the importance of the SE Census and what SIS do.


26th January 2016

A recurring theme of this podcast is that many social enterprises face challenges in securing funding. Competition for grants and the like is fierce; there is no question about that, however there are also organisations out there which offer business loans to those that operate in the third sector.

One of the most high profile providers of business loans is the not for profit social enterprise Social Investment Scotland (SIS).  Established in 2001 by the Scottish Government, their focus is supporting growth in Scotland’s communities with a range of different finance products. In particular, they invest in organisations that operate in the third sector and have the capability to make substantial and sustainable social impact. SIS is also the fund manager for the Scottish Government’s Scottish Investment Fund, and offers a variety of different funds for social enterprises in all stages of development.

On this episode I speak to Alastair Davis, Chief Executive of Social Investment Scotland. Alastair has been at the helm of SIS since 2011 and is a huge advocate for social enterprise, as you will hear in the podcast.

With Social Enterprise Conversations we not only aim to speak to as many social enterprise organisations, owners, leader and employees as possible, but we also feel it is important to highlight all the organisations involved in the process of starting, operating and sustaining a social enterprise. Particularly the bodies which allow social enterprise to thrive.

There were some technical issues in this episode with Skype, however it does not detract from the overall quality of the interview.

We hope you enjoy the episode.


Social Investment Scotland website
Social Investment Scotland Twitter
Social Investment Scotland Facebook

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