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SEC54: Jim Bennett from SKS Scotland (Part 1)

Jim and I took to the conference room in The Experience and had an interesting chat about his storied social enterprise history and SKS Scotland.


26th January 2017

Recent buzz will have you believe that social enterprise is a new concept. Indeed, the accepted UK Government definition of social enterprise dates back to 2002, from the ‘Social Enterprise: a strategy for success’ report that was issued by the Department of Trade and Industry.  However the idea itself, businesses with primarily social objectives that reinvest those profits into that social goal, dates back further. If one considers a social enterprise purely on those terms, then Kibble has been a social enterprise for almost the entirety of its existence.

Jim Bennett of SKS Scotland has been involved in social enterprise since the 1980s. Over the years he has advised and helped people set up a number of social enterprises, some of which have gone on to achieve remarkable success. In recent times he has worked with SKS Scotland to further assist individuals and organisations, offering advice on how to develop their long-term sustainability. Lately he has been on hand to support and develop the Freedom Bakery, a social enterprise which is based at HMP Low Moss prison.

His extensive experience and knowledge is frankly remarkable, and it was wonderful to be in his company as he waxed lyrical on how social enterprise has changed over the years, as well as hearing his views on how he feels the social enterprise scene is doing today and much more in this in-depth two part interview.


SKS Scotland’s Website
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Freedom Bakery Website
Freedom Bakery on Twitter
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