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SEC33: Geoff Leask from Young Enterprise Scotland

We had a lovely chat with Geoff from Young Enterprise Scotland, speaking about the entrepreneurial mindset and helping young people fulfill their potential.


10th June 2016

Young Enterprise Scotland (YES) is a charity with a social enterprise arm called YES Works, so in many ways their setup is similar to Kibble’s. However, the goal of YES is to help young people succeed through enterprise and fostering an attitude of entrepreneurship. YES run a variety of engaging and inspiring enterprise and entrepreneurship programmes for young people from 5 to 30 at all levels of education.

Entrepreneurship is not just about creating business leaders for the future; it’s about nurturing an enquiring mind and helping young people to embrace the things that make people successful in their jobs.

Geoff Leask is the Chief Executive of Young Enterprise Scotland and he has worked with the organisation for a number of years. He talks a little about his background on this episode, but what’s very clear is that he is devoted to helping young people fulfil their potential. He is also passionate about creating a good team within the organisation so that they can deliver the best service to all of those that are involved in the service.

Young Enterprise Scotland’s YES Works is the social enterprise arm of the charity. The business focuses on offering high quality landscaping, ground maintenance and construction services, giving young people a taste of employment whilst developing their skills in the commercial sector.

It was a real pleasure to speak to Geoff, and I really enjoyed hearing his thoughts on youth development and helping young people fulfill their potential.

I hope you enjoy the episode.


Young Enterprise Scotland website
YES Works website
Young Enterprise Scotland on Twitter
YES works on Twitter
Young Enterprise Scotland on Facebook

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