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SEC51: Amreeta Graham from Bridges Out of Poverty

Amreeta from Bridges Out of Poverty popped along to The Experience to talk about education people about poverty in order to overcome it.


23rd November 2016

On this podcast so far we have spoken to precious few organisations that deal with poverty. But all that changes with this episode as I speak to Amreeta Graham from Glasgow’s Bridges out of Poverty.

Bridges out of Poverty seeks to foster a greater understanding about poverty in individuals and communities. One of their key aims is to communicate clearly to the world what poverty is and how it becomes so entrenched, and to use that knowledge to empower people and communities to lift themselves out of poverty.

The organisation offers a number of programmes and workshops, with the overall goal being to strengthen the understanding of poverty and how it relates to the dynamics that cause and sustain poverty at all levels. Bridges out of Poverty views this educational process as vital to helping people, organisations and communities to find new ways of solving the problems caused by poverty.

On the face of it this appears to be fairly self-evident – the best way to address poverty is to change the way people think about it – but attitudes across the board from all sections of society are fairly well ingrained.  Bridges out of Poverty wants to strengthen the understanding of what causes poverty and why. It aims to  change attitudes through education, and provide a broader and deeper understanding of how economic class impacts all areas of our lives.

Amreeta cares very passionately about the work that Bridges out of Poverty do, and you can hear that boundless enthusiasm come across very well in this interview.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It was certainly a pleasure to talk to her.


Bridges Out of Poverty website
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