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SEC65: Andrew Bailie from FreshSight

Andrew from the student run social enterprise consultancy FreshSight popped through to Glasgow to talk about the business, social enterprise and much more!


7th July 2017

This year marks the 10th anniversary of FreshSight. It seems somewhat improbable that a social enterprise consultancy run by students should exist for so long, and my guest on this week’s podcast was the first to mention this. But the fact is that it has existed for ten years, which clearly means that they’ve been doing something right.

In 2007 the company was founded as The Edinburgh Group, and its goal has remained the same ever since – to bring together forward-thinking students and socially conscious organisations. Over the course of 8 weeks students work with these organisations to help improve their social impact in a sustainable way. FreshSight attracts and encourages participation from students from all over Edinburgh regardless of their degree, offering training which will not only help them achieve great things for the agency’s clients, but also helps transform students into socially minded leaders.

As with any social enterprise all the profits go back into the business, thus increasing their own social impact in their community. To date their 400 strong alumni has worked with over 100 clients, including NHS Lothian and Edinburgh Zoo amongst many others, on a wide range of briefs. The key is very much to empower these students to be more socially conscious by involving them in actual, measurable work with some of the country’s biggest and most innovative organisations.

In this episode I had a chat with Andrew Bailie, a volunteer at FreshSight who was kind enough to pop through to Glasgow to have a chat about FreshSight, social enterprise, measuring social impact and much more. Have a listen and let me know what you think!


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