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SEC68: Scott Duncan from LEAP (Part 2)

In part two of this conversation with Scott Duncan from LEAP we talk more about social enterprise and how LEAP help educate people about the environment.


21st August 2017

It’s always a delight, and a surprise, when an interview goes on for longer than expected. As you may have noticed, I generally like to keep interviews to between 20 and 30 minutes, but sometimes the guest just has a bit more to say. In the instance, I was happy to keep talking to Scott.

In some ways it’s not entirely surprising that this interview went on a little longer. LEAP offers a few different services, all of which are tied together under the environmental and energy banners. Their goal of making the villages that they cover sustainable is a wonderful one, and the real evidence of this drive goes beyond trying to advise individuals to change energy suppliers in order to save money, or to offer advice on renewable energy regeneration – they also offer practical advice on insulation, draft proofing, heating and more.

The proof of this is, as they say, in the pudding as LEAP offers residents within their catchment area free home energy checks, free draught testing and free thermal imaging. These three things alone are some of the biggest contributors to the causes of household energy loss, and fixing these issues can be done in inexpensive ways. Their commitment to helping people save money by offering these free services is a good example of what makes LEAP such a great project.

I hope you enjoy the second part of this conversation with Scott, as we talk more about LEAP and their social enterprise journey.


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