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SEC5: Scott Ogilvie from Post Creative

Mark catches up with Post Creative director Scott Ogilvie to talk about the business, its ethos and changing from a PLC to a social enterprise.


22nd September 2015

In my brief journey through the social enterprise landscape thus far, I have heard precious few stories of PLCs becoming social enterprises. My guest on this episode has recently done just that with his business, Post Creative.

Post Creative offer bespoke digital design and marketing strategies for social enterprises, charities and start-ups, helping them to unleash the power of the internet to affect social change. Creation of social value is important for social enterprises, and there is absolutely no reason why social enterprises and charities cannot have the same impact online as bigger organisations can. Post Creative’s aim has always been to guide clients through the, often tough, digital and new media landscape in order to get results that help them change the world.

Scott was keen to talk about Post Creative’s ethos, drive and approach to digital design and online marketing alongside many other things. Highlights include:

  • Coming from an educational background and how that informed their approach to business
  • How this led them to want to start a business with social value
  • Both Scott and his business partner were, even after working with commercial clients, interested in running a business which could create social change
  • Social enterprise feels like a natural fit; helping organisations make greater impacts without needing the budget that bigger organisations have
  • Authenticity and governance – they wanted to demonstrate to those that work in the sector, and the clients that they work with, that they too have similar goals
  • They wanted to be part of the social enterprise community
  • Post Creative are excited about combining entrepreneurship and social impact
  • It’s important to not lose sight of the entrepreneurial side of social enterprise
  • Scott explains how they provide quality products at reasonable prices
  • That Post Creative plan on developing a year-long programme for organisations with low budgets in order to help them to achieve success online
  • The importance of strategy and capacity in order to save time and money with their online presence

Scott’s level headed and grounded approach to social enterprise is one which is very clearly borne from the experience of having worked with many other social enterprises over the years, and I think Scott’s comments on how we should not lose sight of the entrepreneurial side of social enterprise provide serious food for thought.


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