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SEC24: Gregory Chauvet – The Bike Station

Gregory Chuvet is the managing director of The Bike Station in Glasgow and we had a great chat about the culture of his social enterprise and more.


10th March 2016

The way I see it, it’s the stories of those that run and work in social enterprises that are at the heart of this podcast. For many, the journey towards being involved in social enterprise often begins with a desire to offer a service but to do so with the aim of helping other people or communities. The reality of the situation is that social enterprise is still not a widely known type of business. The number of people we have featured on this podcast who have started social enterprises through simply stumbling upon the idea is startling.

We remain grateful that they chanced upon it of course, but we must make it more prominent. How many people want to start businesses that have a social impact and yet do not, simply because they don’t know the framework for such business exists?

However, we’re here to talk about those who have found it, and Gregory from The Bike Station, Glasgow, is a good example of someone who was unsatisfied with the way the “corporate” world operates and decided to take his passion and turn it into a business which delivers measurable social impact.

Gregory’s journey into social enterprise is detailed quite extensively in this episode, and not only is his passion for social business clear from the outset, but so is his passion for the environment. The Bike Station not only deliver their social impact through community outreach projects, but they also help people learn to cycle, sell bikes, accessories and component parts to people of all stripes. The environmental benefits of cycling cannot be ignored, but helping to make an impact in the community is also key to The Bike Station’s ethos.

The Glasgow branch of The Bike Station is situated in the city’s West End and can only really be seen to be believed – it’s a huge space with a great atmosphere and a wonderful team of people that are always on hand to help. One of the most impressive things about the place though, is the almost rustic appearance to it which helps create a garage like feel. Something I feel contributes to why the vibe in there is just so good.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

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