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SEC8: David Brookes from Social Traders

We return to June's Social Enterprise Summit, only this time Mark chats to David Brookes from the Australian social enterprise firm Social Traders


13th October 2015

One of the great benefits of conference events is the deluge of information on offer. Even away from the presentations and seminars, the amount of things you can learn from the sidelines through networking adds to the educational richness of these kinds of events.

There was one such conversation that I had back in June, at the Social Enterprise Summit, which I also happened to record. it was with David Brookes, the CEO of Social Traders.

Social Traders help to raise the awareness of social enterprise in Australia. David had flown over to discuss some of his experiences of working with a variety of social enterprises in both urban and rural settings, and in doing so was able to highlight some of the benefits that social enterprise has brought to his country and the communities therein.

Aside from increasing the visibility of social enterprise as a valuable kind of business, Social Traders also conduct a great deal of research and studies into the sector in Australia, all of which can be found on their website.

They also help grow the market for social enterprise products and services. In his presentation at the Social Enterprise Summit David also discussed the new venture that Social Trader are running in conjunction with the Australia Post called Good Spender, an online marketplace which helps connect consumers with the products that social enterprises sell.

Highlights include:

• The value of networking at conferences
• The difference in policy environment for social enterprises in Scotland and Australia
• The difference between urban and rural social enterprises
• Some thoughts on what we can do to increase the visibility of the social enterprise sector
I hope you enjoy this episode.


Social Traders
Good Spender
Social Traders on Twitter
Social Traders on Facebook
Good Spender on Twitter
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