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SEC10: Lucinda Broadbent from Media Co-Op

There aren't many social enterprise media companies out there, so Mark had sometime to really get to know the ins and outs of Media Co-Op and the SE mission


28th October 2015

The Social Enterprise in Scotland Census highlighted the sheer diversity of those businesses which operate as social enterprises in Scotland, and it is a theme which was also reflected in Social Enterprise UK’s recent State of Social Enterprise Survey 2015. What this tells us is that more and more people from every conceivable kind of business sees the benefit that social enterprise can bring to our society.

However, there are precious few media companies that take the form of social enterprises, and on this episode I chat to the founder of one such company: Lucinda Broadbent of Glasgow’s Media Co-Op.

Media Co-Op creates media for film, TV and the internet, supporting organisations in theuse of social media and other digital techniques to boost their online presence. They also offer extensive media and production training to third sector organisations. Everything they do is to help charities and social enterprise, making use of the power of traditional and new media.

Their latest work includes a short film created for the Maryhill Integration Network called ‘A Strong Man’, which calls on other men to step violence against women. It was created by refugees who fled their homes to seek sanctuary in Scotland and highlights the inclusive, social approach that Media Co-Op applies to their work.

Lucinda covers this film and many other facets of Media Co-Op’s work.

Highlights include:

  • How Media Co-op began
  • Born out of the need to offer the experience of people who have extensive industry knowledge, to those who wish to make socially conscious media productions
  • Evolving from making films to offering the full range of media and communications work
  • Being a living wage employer, not taking on unpaid interns and employing experienced personnel
  • Media Co-op’s ethos and work is about challenging stigma, and ensuring everyone both in front and behind of camera feel comfortable with what they’re doing and who they are working with
  • The way Lucinda learned about social enterprise
  • And much more

Lucinda is an extremely eloquent and articulate speaker, who had a lot to say about her history, the importance of social enterprise in the media industry and the ethos of Media Co-Op.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.


Media Co-Op website
Portfolio of Media Co-Op’s work
‘A Strong Man’ short film for the Maryhill Integration Network
Media Co-Op on Twitter
Media Co-Op on Facebook

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