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SEC60: Young Scotland’s Got Talent (Part 2)

In part two of our coverage of Young Scotland's Got Talent, we speak to SCLD CEO Chris Creegan, and VIAS CEO Norma Curran.


26th April 2017

Last week we covered the Young Scotland’s Got Talent event at The Experience which was organised by Scottish Commission for Learning Disabilities (SCLD), Skills Development Scotland, and Values Into Action Scotland (VIAS). In part one, we spoke to some exhibitors and attendees about the event, asking them about some of the issues that young people with learning difficulties face as they move out of school and into employment, whilst also getting the low down on why such events are important.

In this episode we continue with this theme, only this time we will be talking to two of those involved with organising the event. We open with an extended interview with Chris Creegan, the Chief Executive of the Scottish Commission for Learning Disabilities. He has been involved with the organisation since 2013 and has guided SCLD through a period of significant growth. He was keen to talk about the challenges that SCLD and those with learning disabilities face, but also very willing to talk about the successes that they’ve had with events such as Young Scotland’s Got Talent.

The interview closes with a short chat with Norma Curran, Chief Executive of Values into Action Scotland. She has been at the helm of VIAS since 2009 and has worked to support people with learning difficulties and individuals on the autistic spectrum for 20 years. In our chat, we spoke about the thinking behind Young Scotland’s Got Talent, where the idea came from and how it has helped change the perceptions of what young people with learning difficulties and those in the autistic spectrum can teach us, and how they are a vital contribution to the Scottish work force.

The Young Scotland’s Got Talent event that we hosted was brilliant, and I can certainly see why it’s growing more and more successful with each successive one.

I hope you enjoy this episode.


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