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Episode 1 – Old Haunts and Halcyon Days

This is episode one of good stories. Our host sat down with his friend, artist Gary Cairns, to talk about some of his friendships growing up in Dumfries.


20th September 2017

Everyone likes a good story. From those family members with the seemingly innate skill of injecting life into a party through a well told anecdote, to the easy Scots charm of Iain Banks’ fiction. Whether it’s the Big Yin’s fanciful yet all too real tales of comedy found in the mundane, or the easily accessible drama of River City, a good story brings us together.

Scotland has a rich history of oral storytelling, and we thought it was about time to bring it into the modern age. Every week we invite guests into our Bletherbooth to talk about their lives in Glasgow and the West of Scotland.

Every community has its own unique perspective on the world and we think it’s time to share ours. Every month good stories will have a different theme which will influence the stories we share.

This, is good stories from KPN, the Kibble Podcast Network.

To kick things off, the theme for the first month’s programming is friendship, and I thought, what better way to get things going by bringing in a friend of mine to talk about some of the friendships that shaped his life.

Gary Cairns is a visual artist based in Airdrie, which for those of you who don’t know, is a small town just outside Glasgow. We’ve been through a lot together over the years, but as we sat down to have this conversation we ended up talking about his life growing up in rural Dumfries, the friendships he won and lost along the way, and how those friendships help shaped his life for years to come.

Our backgrounds are very similar, we both got into music as teenagers. This is his story about how that came around, what he learned, and how age has taught us both to value the company of like minded people.

Thank you to Gary for lending me his time, and thanks to you, dear listener, for tuning in.

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