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SEC62: Melodie Crumlin from PEEK

Melodie talks to us about what PEEK does, her experience working for the organisation, the way it has changed and how it empowers young people.


19th May 2017

It goes without saying that play is very important for a child’s development. Many organisations create sustainable businesses which focus on unlocking children’s potential through play activities, and PEEK is an excellent example of this in action.

Founded in 2000, PEEK initially began by providing activities for children between the ages of five and 12 years old in the Gallowgate and Calton areas of Glasgow’s East End.  It has since grown into an award-winning organisation and has expanded throughout the East and North of Glasgow, with the goal of enhancing the possibilities available to people aged between five and 25.

The North and East of Glasgow contains some of Scotland’s most impoverished communities, and PEEK’s work focuses on using creative activities to help young people develop and make a positive change in their lives and communities.  Its approach to this is adaptable, and the voices of those it seeks to help are integral to the way its programmes are designed and planned.

It is this sense of empowerment which helps children and young people take ownership of their own development.  PEEK assists them in developing the skills and attitudes needed to foster positive outcomes. Staff lead by example, inspiring children and young people to actively drive and create change in their lives and local communities.

CEO Melodie Crumlin has been involved in PEEK since its inception in 2000, and has since risen through the company to its highest position. Taking an active part in its development, mission and approach, Melodie has seen not only the way the organisation has changed, but the way PEEK has helped change the lives of so many young people in the North and East of Glasgow.

This conversation with Melodie is not only engaging, but also really inspiring. I hope you enjoy it.


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