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SEC55: Jim Bennett from SKS Scotland (Part 2)

Part two of the wonderful chat I had with Jim about social enterprise, funding and the future of the sector.


6th February 2017


We live in interesting times for social enterprise, but to some people the support available hasn’t changed in as many ways as some would have you believe. In the second part of my interview with Jim Bennett, he quite rightly points out the things which have and haven’t changed over the years, particularly as it relates to funding. I think the resulting conversation is fascinating and rather insightful, particularly for a newbie like me.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Jim, here is a little background as provided in the previous episodes’ show notes:

“Jim Bennett of SKS Scotland has been involved in social enterprise since the 1980s. Over the years he has advised and helped people set up a number of social enterprises, some of which have gone on to achieve remarkable success. In recent times he has worked with SKS Scotland to further assist individuals and organisations, offering advice on how to develop their long-term sustainability. Lately he has been on hand to support and develop the Freedom Bakery, a social enterprise which is based at HMP Low Moss prison.”

Personally, I felt I learned a lot in my short time with Jim, and I’d love to pick his brain even more about social enterprise. For now though, enjoy the second part of this wonderful conversation.


SKS Scotland’s Website
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Freedom Bakery Website
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