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SEC25: Pauline Hinchion from SCRT

This episode contains a lengthy, albeit brilliant, conversation with SCRT chief executive Pauline Hinchion. It may very well be our best episode yet.


22nd March 2016

I have been involved in the world of social enterprise for almost a year now and I never stop learning. When talking with individuals that are involved in the sector I always go into the conversation with an open mind, eager to learn more about the ins and outs of social business.

As you have no doubt come to notice, the guests on this podcast always have a lot to say. They speak about more than just their journey in the world of social enterprise; they also offer their opinions on how it operates and how this could perhaps be improved, and the successes that the sector has already achieved.

On this episode I have an amazing interview with Pauline Hinchion from SCRT. SCRT exist “to establish a financial intermediary owned and controlled by the Scottish third sector that seeks to harness our sector’s collective assets and expertise and to provide a family of financial services and products relevant to our sector’s needs.” Or to put it another way, many of the financial services and institutions involved in lending money to the third sector do so at a higher rate of interest than they lend to other “standard” kinds of businesses. SCRT are trying to redress that balance by using the skills and experience of those that already work in the third sector.

It is extremely fortunate, and humbling, that I have been able to talk to so many experienced and knowledgeable people on this podcast. However this interview may very well be one of my favourites – Pauline is perhaps one of the most intelligent and articulate people that I have ever met, and it was an absolute honour to be in her company. Her extensive knowledge of the sector, combined with years of experience makes this a captivating listen.

This interview is a little longer than normal. I tried to cut it down but there was just too much good stuff in there to remove.

I hope you enjoy the episode.

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