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SEC69: A Social Enterprise Roundtable Discussion with Matt and Peter from ACRE/the Social Enterprise Academy Australia, Neil from the Social Enterprise Academy and Graham and Lesley from Kibble

Matt and Peter from the ACRE joined us to have a chat about social enterprise, the differences between the Scottish and Australian approaches and more.


1st September 2017

You may remember one of my very first interviews on this podcast was with Neil McLean of the Social Enterprise Academy (SEA). Well, since his appearance on the show, Neil and his team have been busy expanding the SEA model across the globe.

Recently we were graced with the presence of two of the people involved in running the Australian Social Enterprise Academy: Matt Pfahlert and Peter Sacco from the Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship. The organisation seeks to help young people in rural communities by igniting their entrepreneurial spirit to better enrich their lives and communities.

They popped into The Experience, (one of Kibble’s social enterprises), with Neil. Together with Graham Bell and Lesley Fuller, (who you should remember from our extensive interviews on the history of Kibble), we sat down over coffee to discuss the differences between social enterprise in the UK and Australia, the work they’ve been doing, and just exactly how good the coffee is in The Refuel Café!

It’s a veritable plethora of contrasting opinions and ideas on social enterprise in wildly different, but not entirely dissimilar, countries. Graham took the lead on this conversation and the result is, I think, very good indeed. As we were in the café at the time, there’s a little background noise but it all adds to the ambiance of the conversation.

I hope you enjoy.


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