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SEC28: Owen Cook from Space Unlimited

We have a cracking interview for you this week - Owen Cook from Space Unlimited talks about the power of having young people and adults work together.


21st April 2016

This episode was recorded for our child and youth care podcast, but it was just too good to edit down. This podcast usually runs to somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes. Our child and youth care podcast has a strict 10 minute (or so) limit.

Once you hear it, I’m sure you’ll agree that this conversation is just fine the way it is.

There is no intro or outro in this episode because I lost my voice due to acute laryngitis. The conversation speaks for itself though, so it’s no huge loss.

Some of you may be familiar with our themed entertainment venue, The Experience. You may also have seen in the news how we have the fuselage of a Boeing 737 attached to the side of the building. This is home to the Destination Lounge, a unique setting for events, meetings or parties, housed inside the jet itself.

For this episode I took Owen up into said jet, and from there we recorded this wonderful interview. You’ll hear some interesting background noise in this episode. There is a faint whooshing noise in the distance that you may be able to hear in particular – the sound of our go-karts speeding across the wooden panelled overpass on our track. Even so, it doesn’t detract from the quality of this interview. In fact, I think the noise, and the tire squeal, add texture to the episode.

Owen Cook is one of the managing directors of Space Unlimited, a social enterprise which helps organisations to work in direct collaboration with young people. They have worked with various clients on many diverse projects. You can see a full list of their work on their website linked below.

Owen discusses his methods and style of working in some detail during the interview. It was great to hear about Space Unlimited’s approach to learning and development. Particularly the way it has changed the lives of young people and adults. Owen’s passion and enthusiasm for the work he does is wonderful. I think it translates to this interview in the most wonderful way.

I hope you enjoy the episode.


Space Unlimited website
Space Unlimited Twitter

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