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SEC36: Graham Bell and Lesley Fuller from Kibble Education and Care Centre (Part 2)


1st July 2016

For this episode we return to our multi-part conversation with Kibble Chief Executive Graham Bell, and Funding, Marketing and Communications Manager Lesley Fuller.

One thing that struck me during this part of the conversation was Kibble’s social enterprise journey. Both Graham and Lesley speak of the need to have people working for you that believe passionately in what you do, and this can be said for both of my guests. Kibble’s social enterprise journey didn’t really come into focus until Kibble won the UK Social Enterprise of the Year award in 2004, an achievement that was won through Lesley’s passionate application for the award. It’s a detail that’s too good to spoil here, and is worth listening to on its own.

2004 was a very important year for Kibble and some of this is discussed in the episode, but we will delve more into why that was the case in the next part of this conversation.

We start however, by discussing the importance of a healthy, communicative board and how Kibble has always sought to ensure that the board and senior management team have a good relationship. We chat to Kibble’s last chairman Jimmy Jack and how he influenced the way Kibble had to move to a company limited by guarantee after Strathclyde Regional Council was disbanded in 1996, and how he saw and understood the idea of a social business and its importance.

We also talk about the importance of strong board leadership that is comprised of people from diverse backgrounds, and also the value of having someone in charge with strong ideas and ambition.

I think this is an enlightening chat, giving a really good insight into the thought process behind establishing a social enterprise and how board interactions are key to building a successful and sustainable organisation.

I hope you enjoy the episode.


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