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SEC50: Rachael Brown from the Cultural Enterprise Office

A milestone 50th episode for our Social Enterprise Podcast, and in it we have a compelling chat with Rachael Brown from the Cultural Enterprise Office.


11th November 2016

Episode 50 is a milestone. It’s a big number. Somewhat of an achievement, you could say.

Most podcasts don’t get this far, so it’s an extremely proud moment for us.  I hope you stick around for another 50

On this episode I have an interview with Rachael Brown, the Chief Executive of the Cultural Enterprise Office. The Cultural Enterprise Office’s remit is quite simple – to support creative businesses. They help micro-businesses and individuals create an environment in which they can succeed by sharing their knowledge and skills with them. They do this through specialist advice and information, as well as by offering training and networking opportunities. Their services are available to both commercial and non-profit sectors alike, and they can offer support to any business at any stage of their development.

Rachael Brown was appointed Chief Executive in July 2016, having previously served as a Performance Adviser with Inspiring Scotland, Social Entrepreneur in Residence with Social Investment Scotland, and Creative Director of Our Creative World. She was also at Impact Arts for over ten years and worked with the Scottish Government and leading agencies such as Creative Scotland and Scottish Enterprise.

Her experience and knowledge are truly beyond question, and her passion for business and fiery love for the cultural and creative arts comes across very clearly. In this interview we cover a lot, taking in Rachael’s experience and opinion of the creative industries and social enterprise along the way. Her insight into how the creative industries and social enterprise interact (and should continue to interact) is wonderful, as is her firm belief that Scotland is one of the best places in the world for this kind of business.

I had a lot of fun conducting this interview, and we go into a remarkable amount of depth and detail about how the social enterprise landscape is continually evolving, and we even speculate on what form it may take in the coming years.

An interview for the ages I think, and a fine 50th episode celebration indeed.

I hope you enjoy.


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