Applications Opening Soon for Career Start - Kibble: Specialist services & support for young people facing adversity
Posted: September 16, 2021

Kibble is in-search of enthusiastic, hard-working individuals with life experience to become Child and Youth Care Workers.

Through the Staff-in-Training course, successful candidates earn a living wage, achieve a HNC and gain valuable work experience. Upon completion of the year long programme, the rewarding role of a Child and Youth Care Worker is guaranteed.

 Quite often people don’t think they have the skills to work as a carer or the experience they need to be successful, however we find that it is the drive to give young people a chance at life that makes a great carer – whether their background is a mechanic, hospitality worker or stay at home parent.

Jim Gillespie, CEO

Jim Gillespie, CEO of Kibble, continued: “During the pandemic we’ve seen a trend of people looking for a more fulfilling role where they can help those in need. People have decided they don’t want to return to their old job, or they have unfortunately found themselves out of work, and are thinking of what to do next.

The Child and Youth Care trainee programme course gives people the chance to make the rewarding career change they’ve been looking for with the peace of mind they will have an income while learning on the job.

We look forward to hearing from people who are ready to take the next step towards a more fulfilling role.”

Applications will open 1st October and candidates will have the opportunity to join online recruitment events to hear from existing Child and Youth Care Workers and gain an insight into the role.

Quotes from Previous Trainee Child and Youth Care Workers

Watch Our Video

Find out about the role directly from our Child and Youth Care Worker Jim. He shares an insight into what it is like working at our therapeutic primary school.

As Kibble supports five – 26-year-olds, our Child and Youth Care Worker role can offer the opportunity of job variety.

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