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Posted: September 25, 2019

Jim is a Child and Youth Care Worker at Kibble. He supports young people who are part of day services and builds trusting relationships with them. Jim’s goal is to provide extra support during the school day to keep the young person happy at home with their families. He still keeps in touch with the first young person he cared for.

What did you do before Kibble?

Previously I worked with adults and teenagers with additional support needs. Many of the people I supported had complex needs and I provided one-to-one support. We ensured the young people had a range of opportunities, and set up regular social activities to meet up and have fun with their friends.

How long have you worked at Kibble?

For seven years. I started in 2012 and helped young people who had faced multiple difficulties.

I work as a key worker within Kibble’s day services. This involves providing intensive one-to-one support for a young person. I develop positive, trusting relationship with the young people and reach out to their families for us all to work together.

What made you want to work for Kibble?

I was impressed with Kibble’s reputation in the sector and the wide range of services it provided to the young people.

Can you give us an overview of your role at Kibble and what area you work in? Please explain about the service?

I am a child and youth care worker providing support to all our young people. Also I am a key worker for 3 young people who are part of our day services. I link in with families, social workers, educational psychologists – we all work together to support the young people. I place a huge focus on helping the family cope and provide advice to family members on who is best to speak to for certain questions and guidance. The extra support we provide at school often means the young person can stay in the family home.

What is the best thing about working in Kibble/tell us one thing you love about your job?

You get so much back from the kids – it is so rewarding. All the children have a range of complex emotions and behaviours and you get to know everything about them – at their best and when they are at their lowest. You are there for them through so much.

The staff are great and provide a caring and relaxed atmosphere.

Can you share a defining moment or story about your time at Kibble?

There are so many to list, however I would probably say it was seeing the girl that I first key worked grow in trust, confidence and became much more settled in her life. To this day, she still rings me up for advice and even now she’s an adult, when I give her advice it still takes me back to when she was 14 and upset over a boy that she had met. I told her not to be upset, that there were plenty more fish in the sea, and recently now that she’s settled and met someone she has since told me I was right.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of joining Kibble?

You’ll be in good company as the staff team are great. Keep focussed and remember why you’re here – it’s for the bambinos. Focus on building relationships with the young people.

When new staff join I believe mentoring is paramount to what we do here.

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