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Posted: April 29, 2024

Kibble’s Skills Academy held an Open Day. Visitors were introduced to the staff team, completed a tour of the bespoke workshop areas and got involved in an interactive panel session with young people.

The Open Day welcomed local businesses, colleges and universities, Social Enterprise Academy and The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework to experience The Skills Academy for themselves. All were impressed by the vast size of the academy and the breadth of the courses and workshops held for young people. The ambitious masterplan to revolutionise The Skills Academy into Scotland’s leading education and training centre was shared and those in the audience were encouraged to “Be Part of the Future”.

Organisations were made aware of the opportunities to join in and help young learners gain the confidence and skills required to believe in themselves and start work. Already, businesses including St Mirren and Ryder Architecture are working alongside the academy to offer apprenticeship-inspired roles and work experience placements for young people to learn within a real-life thriving business.

A highlight of the event was the interactive panel session with young people. The best people to describe The Skills Academy are those who attend the centre. Three young people shared their own personal involvement with the academy.

One young person is developing skills in catering and helped prepare the buffet lunch for the Open Day. Their expertise is also a valuable part of the team who organise the catering for St Mirren’s match day hospitality. However, their overall life goal is to become a pilot and the academy’s support with these aspirations has led to a workshop with Leading Edge Training Centre near Glasgow Airport.

Another young person who’s sense of humour made everyone laugh is determined to be an interior designer. Currently, completing qualifications in Painting and Decorating, the aspiring-designer has helped redecorate areas in St Mirren’s SMISA stadium.

The candid and straight-forward young person shared their honest belief at the impact the academy has had on them:

“If it wasn’t for The Skills Academy, I wouldn’t have got any qualifications.”

The powerful comment emphasises the importance of The Skills Academy and the demand to create a supportive educational environment that can tailor learning styles to those who want to build a rewarding career based on fields of study that genuinely interest them.

The third young person confidently spoke to the room as if talking amongst friends. Although open-minded about the future, The Skills Academy has given a true understanding of the various options available. Currently studying mechanics and helping Instructor Ross manage the large fleet of Kibble vehicles, the overall plan is to go into engineering. Through the academy’s business partnerships, a work placement with Ryder Architecture is planned for the summer.

An audience member asked, ‘what has been the greatest experience at The Skills Academy?’ and the mechanic-apprentice replied:

“It’s not just one great opportunity The Skills Academy has given us, instead it’s lots of different opportunities. We’ve had the chance to discover different industries, which has let us see what we prefer and enjoy.”

The three young people on the panel exemplified what The Skills Academy stands for. Each one displays confidence and enthusiastically discusses their future plans. The motivation showed by young people at The Skills Academy Open Day assured everyone in the room that the young generation has the potential to positively change the world.  

The entire staff team including Kibble CEO, Jim; Director of Corporate Services, Mark; Head Teacher, Leona; Head of The Skills Academy, Lisa; Education Manager, Tracey and Employability Coordinator, Gillian were extremely proud of the young people for participating in the panel.

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