Santa’s Elf Helped Deliver Upcycled Bikes to Families - Kibble: Specialist services & support for young people facing adversity
Posted: December 28, 2023

Young people attending The Skills Academy, who are working towards their Bike Maintenance qualifications, opened a Bike Shop for Kibble staff to shop sustainably and purchase affordable, upcycled bikes. Kibble’s own Health and Safety Manager, Uche decided to play the part of Santa’s elf and help families with young children receive new bikes.

Kibble’s Health and Safety Manager, Uche heard about The Skills Academy Bike Shop and was impressed by the mint condition and fair price of the bikes on sale. The repairs carried out by the young learners were completed to the highest standard. Uche decided to purchase some and facilitate access for others as a gift for families who she attends church within Drumchapel. Uche’s heart-warming gesture led to the church and more families who worship there, also express their interest in shopping for new bikes at The Skills Academy. A total of six adult, four junior and two kids’ bikes were purchased from The Skills Academy in this elf-facilitated transaction.

Uche was more than happy to coordinate between The Skills Academy and the church. She helped arrange for bikes to be delivered by Kibble to the church hall for collection and took photos for others to browse the sizes and colours of the bikes for sale. In Hillington, young people were repairing and maintaining kids’, junior and adults’ bikes therefore plenty of choice was available.

The fun of cycling is a sport an entire family can enjoy together. Uche herself understands the joy of cycling through scenic routes and is delighted to have played a part in putting families in touch with The Skills Academy to purchase affordable bikes. Instead of investing in brand new bikes for full families, while kids are still growing, The Skills Academy gave many the option of shopping for high quality bikes in an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way.

A young person acted as a Marketing Assistant to Kibble’s own Marketing and Communications team and helped suggest ideas on how to promote the bikes to all who work at Kibble. It was arranged for Santa to fly in and quality check the bikes. The aspiring young marketer shared, “It was fun helping out on the photo shoot to sell our upcycled bikes. I got to work with Kibble’s Communications team and could see the thought that goes into the process. It has made me consider learning more about marketing.”

The enterprise was a success with over 27 bikes sold this Christmas.

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