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Posted: June 7, 2022

Last week young people from Goudie and Mirin Academy enjoyed a special musical performance by talented musicians from the RSNO ahead of their highly anticipated concerto ‘Our Gilded Veins’ at Edinburgh’s Usher Hall.

Whilst many young people’s Spotify playlists tend to have more Rhianna than RSNO, the performance by principal flautist Katherine Bryan, supported by renowned Scottish composer Jay Capperauld, left everyone in awe. In particular, young people were visible impressed with the rendition of David Bowie’s infamous ‘Life on Mars’ and learning how classical orchestra is often featured in many of the computer games and films they knew of.

Our Gilded Veins is a new original piece which draws parallels to the challenges of mental health, and how opening ourselves up to others can bring real positives. It relates to the Japanese art of Kintsugi where objects that have once been fractured are slowly mended with gold to make something more beautiful, symbolic of a pathway to healing. It is a metaphor for embracing flaws and imperfections. 

Kibble has a longstanding connection with the RSNO and in previous years young people have enjoyed taking part in various workshops at their Glasgow base, including the week-long ‘Paisley Takeover’. In addition to the workshops, young people have also been involved backstage, learning all about stage management and lighting.

Chris Macdonald, Music Teacher at Kibble said:

“Seeing young people so enthralled by the short performance at Kibble was incredible. When they learned that much of the classical orchestra music was featured in computer games they played regularly, or recent films they have watched left them gobsmacked. Opportunities like this really help the kids expand their musical tastes and appreciate other genres”.

The RSNO’s performance of Our Gilded Veins opened on Friday 3rd June at the capital’s Usher Hall. Young people at Kibble were sent a live link to Saturday’s final concerto to see it all come to life on stage with the full orchestra. We’d like to say a huge thank you to RSNO for treating us to a sneak preview and look forward to exploring new opportunities in the future.

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