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Posted: June 16, 2016

One young person’s passion for Parkour has helped give him a brighter, happier future.

Ross, a teenage pupil at Kibble, recognised the benefits of Parkour when it was first introduced into the school curriculum. His passion for the art form, which involves free movement across various terrains using the body, has helped him overcome significant challenges and give him a happier future.

From a troubled background, Ross took on the early role of carer for his younger brother before moving into care. When Parkour was introduced to the school curriculum, Ross initially became frustrated and would give up easily believing he couldn’t do it. However through dedicated coaching from Instructor David Banks, Ross gained confidence and developed a new-found skill. This not only opened up opportunities in Parkour, but also transcended into other areas of his life including his education, ability to meet new people, and participate in other activities. Through being part of a community where “people believed in him”, Parkour helped Ross to build positive new relationships and meet people from all over the world.

According to Instructor David Banks:

“Participation in the arts, not just Parkour allows people to engage in something positive, gives help in formal education, and ability to engage in other art forms – the physical, collaborative methodology in which they work that they can apply to other areas of their lives.”

Ross’s incredible story has been turned into a short film by Youth Arts Scotland, with funding from The Scottish Government. The film is part of a project highlighting the importance of youth arts, and the role arts and creativity can have in improving the life chances of young people and tackling inequality.

According to Ross:

“If I could look back, I would have been in jail. I’d always be getting into trouble; I wouldn’t have much of a life. Now I feel like I could have a family, get a job, get a house. Everything is so much better now that these doors have opened.

“If I didn’t do Parkour, I feel I wouldn’t be who I am just now”.

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