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Posted: June 2, 2020

To be a Kibble volunteer, we ask that you are reliable, dedicated and caring – three traits which existing Kibble volunteer Jane possesses. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Jane asked Kibble if she could continue supporting the young people, showing her true commitment to the role. She was determined to carry on strengthening the bonds she had begun to form with our young people.

Jane was motivated to volunteer with Kibble to gain experience working alongside children and young people. Read her interview to find out more about volunteering at Kibble.

What does your volunteering at Kibble involve?

Volunteering at Kibble involves spending time with young people and supporting them develop hobbies and interests. 

Has the experienced helped you gain new skills?

I have developed an array of skills while becoming a volunteer in Paisley for Kibble. My people skills have improved through working with the young people, I have also learnt the importance of listening.

The experienced members of staff have helped me develop knowledge about child protection guidelines and policies.

I know my skills will continue to grow as I build upon my experience. 

Was there anything about volunteering at Kibble that surprised you?

The range of services at Kibble surprised me. It is difficult to appreciate everything Kibble does to improve the lives of young people. Realising the difference Kibble can have on a young person, makes me incredibly proud to be part of it.

I was pleasantly surprised at the level of training on offer to volunteers. This has helped significantly improve my confidence in working with young people.

The support services have been great, Human Resources were extremely helpful from the moment I initially enquired about volunteering.  

How do you support the organisation?

I am an additional resource who can help the organisation support young people. The most important factors in becoming a volunteer are commitment and consistency in order to build genuine trust with the young people.

What is your favourite part about volunteering?

I really enjoy spending time with the young people at Kibble. I love getting to know their individual personalities and forming relationships with them.

What is your advice to people considering volunteering?

It is important to volunteer for something you feel passionate about. The best piece of advice I can offer would be, once you have committed to the role, be consistent with your time commitment. Look beyond the week to week and take time to attend any training on offer as it will help you both as a volunteer and as a person.

What makes you proud to volunteer with Kibble?

My pride in volunteering with Kibble seems to come out indirectly. When people ask me about my role and I tell them, they comment on how enthusiastically I talk about what I am doing. It is very satisfying knowing that I contribute to making a positive impact on a young person’s life.

Has Jane inspired you to become a volunteer?

Kibble can offer you the opportunity to volunteer with children and young people. There are many different reasons to volunteer. For some it’s to give back to the local community and for others, it’s a chance to develop skills before pursuing a new career.

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