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Posted: April 30, 2024

Discover Chloe’s career journey from applying to work at Kibble through to joining Kibble’s Further Study Programme and gaining her Business and Administration SVQ Level 3.

Upon leaving school, Chloe was unsure at what her next step would be. However, she knew she enjoyed being busy, completing tasks diligently while also meeting new people and helping others. Chloe applied to become an Administrator at Kibble, knowing the days would be quick due to the size of the charity and the fact it would be fulfilling to play a role in ensuring young people were well-cared for.

Since joining Kibble’s hard-working Administrative team in 2022, Chloe has become a valuable team player, carrying out all responsibilities involved in running a round-the-clock business. Her friendly and approachable nature is recognised by colleagues, visitors and young people. All are happy to work alongside Chloe.

As Chloe approached her second year of working at Kibble, she began to plan for the future and decided she’d like to progress her career but still remain in her job – Chloe was happy at Kibble but was determined to establish a longer-term career hopefully within the organisation. Luckily, Kibble prioritises learning and development for all staff and Chloe was the ideal candidate.

Kibble’s Further Study Programme welcomes applications from all employees hoping to complete new qualifications in fields of study relating to their job at Kibble. The continued learning helps the entire workforce carryout their responsibilities to the best of their ability.

Through Further Study, Chloe received funding to complete a recognised qualification in Business and Administration.

“It is not often there is an opportunity to study and earn at the same time and I am very grateful for the opportunity to gain a qualification while remaining in a job I enjoy. I would recommend Kibble’s Further Study programme to my colleagues.”

“Although it was a time commitment to work and study at the same time, I received great support from the team I work with here at Kibble. I studied a little bit each day and before I knew it, the 9 months were complete and I had qualified!”

Kibble’s Further Study Programme is now open for applications from ambitious employees, like-minded to Chloe and who are ready for the chance to grow alongside the ever-evolving charity.

Join us in our aim to help as many young people as possible.

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