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Posted: March 9, 2022

Goudie Academy marked No Smoking Day by producing a video and hosting an informative assembly. Across Kibble, there is a tobacco-free policy as young people and staff are supported in leading a healthy lifestyle.

Pupils held a school assembly to increase awareness of the risks associated with smoking and the dangers of nicotine. Young people themselves created a video that was educational as well as humorous to capture the attention of their fellow pupils at the meeting.

Within the production, one pupil took on the persona of ‘Professor Nicotine’ and shared scientific facts. Our mathematics teacher became Countdown’s Carol Vorderman to emphasise the high cost of smoking. As a result, pupils thoroughly agreed they would rather spend money on fun, luxurious items instead, including a fancy car. Young people confirmed their advice to any smokers would be, “stop smoking now to be minted later.”

Staff were invited to discuss their thoughts and when asked by young people to describe smoking in one word, the answers ranged from “stinky” and “unhealthy”.

Through funding from the Renfrewshire Health Improvement Team, Kibble has dedicated Smoke Free Coordinators.

“I encourage young people to make healthy choices by teaching them about the dangers of smoking. As young people become well-informed about the dangers smoking and nicotine cause, they are more likely to decide never to start, or to quit. I am readily available to fully support and assist young people to stay tobacco-free and lead a healthy  lifestyle.”

Smoke Free Coordinator, Barry

We are mindful of our responsibility to the health, safety and wellbeing of all at Kibble. Overall, No Smoking Day was a reminder to young people to happily remain tobacco-free.

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