Forest View’s Saving Energy Day - Kibble: Specialist services & support for young people facing adversity
Posted: February 12, 2024

Pupils and adults took part in Saving Energy Day to learn more about the impact energy usage has on our environment. Pupils, teachers, Chef Cammie and more all got involved.

Forest View Primary Teacher, Heather, explained how everyone spent their day: “Myself and the other teachers all incorporated energy usage, environmental sustainability and climate control into our lessons. Pupils experienced what school was like without the use of technology. We also used less electricity in the classroom with lower lighted instead of the main overhead lighting. Young people enjoyed the novelty of not using electricity and were open to learning with different resources.”

“Younger pupils took part in quizzes and crosswords and when learning about renewable energy, they built windmills using cardboard tubes and straws to replicate wind power.”

“Forest View is a therapeutic primary school with plenty of outdoor garden areas and farmyard animals. Outside brings plenty of opportunities to learn more about the natural environment too.”

“Chef Cammie who is already mindful of climate change, took the time to spot even more ways he could get involved and potentially use even less electricity. There are small things everyone can do when preparing food in the kitchen to use less energy and Cammie has made great efforts to consistently carryout each action. His lunch menu included a pot of Lentil soup and tasty sandwiches.”

“Overall the day was a success and gave us an opportunity to discuss our environment and the future of renewable energy. We’re now more than ever determined to stick to our climate actions.”

All at Kibble understand the importance of the world moving towards a greener and more sustainable way of life. An organisation we are increasingly taking action to reduce our contribution to the carbon footprint. Kibble’s Goudie Academy achieved the prestigious Eco Schools Green Flag award, and across all locations, young people have helped create posters and stickers to remind us all to play our own part in switching lights off when we leave the room. By taking part in Saving Energy Day, it reminds us to make an even greater effort each day.

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