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Posted: November 24, 2021

Donna, 35 from Glasgow’s East End decided to join Kibble and train to become a Child and Youth Care Worker.

About Kibble’s Staff-in-Training course

Our Staff-in-Training course provided Donna with the opportunity to gain an HNC in Social Services and included extensive training, personal mentoring as well as ongoing guidance and support from peers and professionals.

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Donna has shared her experience of participating in Kibble’s Staff-in-Training course.

She explained, “The most important thing to me is that I’m able to connect with the young people and make a difference to their lives.

“I worked with a lot of young people and kids in the dance school so have some experience in getting the best out of young people even when it seems like an impossible task. However, the programme has allowed me to develop this and begin to understand on a deeper level the needs and psychology of those Kibble supports.

“Many young people in our care have had difficult starts in life and have experienced trauma so it’s crucial that they have a solid and trusted network of people around them who take the time to understand their perspective.

“My background of teaching dance means that I have loads of energy, so I’m always up and have a laugh with the young people which has helped in building meaningful connections with them.

“Aside from the fun and games, there’s a lot I bring to the role which you wouldn’t necessarily associate with this career, such as my knowledge of fitness and nutrition.

“It was nerve-wracking moving careers at the start, but the support I received from Kibble staff, and young people, has been really encouraging and reassured me that this was the best thing for me.”

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Donna’s Staff-in-Training experience was published by GlasgowTimes.

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