Kibble is pleased to announce that it will take over the vital Interventions for Vulnerable Youth (IVY) project, which has been facing closure. This will commence on 1 November 2019.

Formerly run by University of Strathclyde’s Centre for Youth & Criminal Justice (CYCJ), and with funding by the Scottish Government’s Youth Justice team, the project promotes best practice in forensic mental health risk assessment and management for young people, aged 12-18, who present a serious risk of harm to others.

Kibble will manage the IVY project on an interim basis until April 2020 when the current year’s Scottish Government funding will cease on 31 March.

About Interventions for Vulnerable Youth (IVY) Project

IVY is a specialist psychological and social work service which conducts risk assessment, formulation and management for high-risk young people aged 12-18. It also extends this support to families. The young people the project supports present with complex psychological needs and high-risk behaviours in terms of violent conduct.

The project aims to ensure these young people and the professionals working with them have access to the best advice, practice assessment and interventions addressing mental health, psychological and forensic risk and needs.

IVY, which has the only dedicated team of its kind in the UK, has provided support for over 220 children and young people referred by 31 Scottish local authorities during its six years of existence. Kibble’s team of forensic psychologists will work alongside CYCJ staff to provide this highly specialist service to young people. It was founded on the basis that a significant proportion of young people with severe conduct and offending behaviour problems do not have access to services capable of meeting their complex needs. It is a national service which is free for professional to refer to.

Referrals to IVY project

Young people can be referred to IVY via the following services:

  • Social work
  • Health
  • Education
  • Police
  • Other professional organisations

Please note that referrals must be made before the young person’s 18th birthday.

Make a Referral

To make a referral, please complete the following forms and email

Download Referral Form

Download Consent Form

Contained in the forms are clear instructions on the process for sending to ensure data remains secure and confidential.


We are keen to develop partnerships with local authorities, health boards and voluntary sector agencies, with a view to offering specialist support that is tailored to meet the specific needs of different services for young people.

Any agencies interested in discussing options for partnership working with the IVY Project, please contact the team on 0141 444 8671 or email