The Skills Academy’s Aspiring Joiners Celebrate Sweet Success - Kibble: Specialist services & support for young people facing adversity
Posted: July 19, 2023

Talented Kibble students from The Skills Academy built a sweetie cart for all to enjoy at our fun school events.

Our education and training centre, The Skills Academy gives school leavers the chance to discover subjects and topics they find interesting and receive the support and resources needed to gain qualifications in their chosen field. We want young people to know they have potential to achieve and build a career they enjoy.

Aspiring joiners are amongst the class of 2023, and they are always keen to challenge themselves with a new construction project. The students working towards their SCQF Level 4 in Construction Craft and Technician have methodically designed and built a custom-made party prop.

The unique, sought-after sweet stand is now a fun feature at our school events. The progress of the project has been inspiring – from young people confidently saying it was possible to build, to now seeing the sweet cart being proudly displayed at our parties and presentations with adults and young people surrounding it and creating their pick and mix. The sweet cart has gone to our recent Promise event and school prom.

We cannot wait to see the next creation complete by the talented students.

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