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Posted: June 5, 2023

‘Dress to Impress’ was the glamourous theme of Goudie Academy’s Prom celebrating the class of 2023.

Pupils, Teachers, Child and Youth Care Workers and Directors were amongst the distinguished guests of Kibble’s Prom. The stars of the show, the school leavers, were in beautiful gowns, smart blazers as well as Teacher, Sammie proudly wearing his kilt.

The event space was filled with music, laughter, and fun. Kibble’s band were the featured performers, there was also a photo booth and sweetie cart for all to enjoy. The impressive décor was black and gold, creating a sophisticated atmosphere.

It was a sentimental awards ceremony as teachers gave a thoughtful speech to each pupil before presenting them with a leavers hoodie and yearbook.

Teacher, Claire shared her pride of seeing one student’s progress as they joined in with Netball and Drama, making plenty of friends and socialising. Clare wished her pupil all the luck in the world with their future plans to study Hair and Beauty at college.

Teacher, Cate spoke of her pupil who is a fantastic artist and musician. Teacher, Michelle shared her stories about her kind, caring pupil who has an innate talent for mechanics – explaining the aspiring mechanic would always be found in the STEM building or car garage.

The audience listened in awe as we heard about one student who mentored younger pupils through the Outdoor Learning Group, carried out ball attendant duties through Kibble’s partnership with St Mirren FC and was a constant in the school band playing bass guitar.

The heartfelt awards continued with Teacher, Sarah-Jane expressing one pupil’s remarkable talent for art and creativity. Sarah-Jane commented on the kind nature of the pupil to animals, in particular their pet guineapig. Principal Teacher, Lucy had a personalised poem about her pupil who has a heart of gold, proudly announcing they will go on to study Travel and Tourism.

Overall, 2023 was an incredibly special year. The genuine bonds formed were a testament to the dedication of every single one of our teachers who inspire and motivate pupils to increase self-belief and achieve what they set their mind to.

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