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Posted: October 2, 2023

Meet Child and Youth Care Worker, Kerryanne who completed a Master’s degree in Child Protection, while working, funded by Kibble.

Kerryanne joined Kibble 15 years ago when she was only 22 with a mission to keep young people safe. Currently, she is based within our community services, supporting care-experienced young people thrive and move towards independent living, helping prepare them for handling the responsibilities that come with maintaining a home.

As soon as Kerryanne began at Kibble as a sessional Child and Youth Care Worker, acting as a helping hand during weekends and evenings, her enthusiasm to contribute to giving young people a chance at life was clear. She demonstrated kindness, compassion and dedication, which led her to gain a HNC in Social Services and pursue the further learning opportunities Kibble offered, expanding her knowledge on Social Pedagogy, child protection and child development.

By increasing overall knowledge, Kerryanne has developed a greater understanding, which she can discuss with colleagues and share deeper reasoning for the behaviours and needs of young people. Ultimately, Kibble focuses on building relationships with young people and by undertaking further study, we increase learning and comprehension, letting us relate and respond to young people in the right way, at the right time.

Kerryanne shared, “I am determined to do my best in every aspect in my life and I want to change kids lives – whether it is in my role at Kibble or being a scout leader in my own time.

“I am energetic and confident and with Kibble’s emotional and financial support, I have been able to soak up training opportunities. I have learned how to evolve and adapt to help young people in the most effective way possible.”

Kerryanne is a mum herself and has strived to created a work-life balance, managing working at Kibble and her love for young people in her care as well as studying and devoting quality time to her own family. She credits Kibble for being extremely supportive, investing in her professional development and offering flexible working. In return, she has focused on providing the highest standard of care and protection possible. Moving forward, Kerryanne plans to continue to support young people, bringing them a sense of safety, creating fun experiences for them. Overall, helping young people move forwards with their lives and find happiness.

Our hope is that Kerryanne’s career journey answers your question of ‘Why work for Kibble?’ If you have ambition and motivation to give young people a chance at life, join us and start building your own fulfilling career.

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