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Posted: May 23, 2022

Our Learning and Development team welcomed those who wish to train and become Child and Youth Care Workers as the group interviews began for Career Start in Child and Youth Care.

Through Kibble’s Career Start in Child and Youth Care training programme, people with a drive to make a difference to the lives of children and young people can earn, train and gain qualifications to ultimately begin a career in care. Upon completion of the 12-month programme, candidates are guaranteed an interview with Kibble for the rewarding role of Child and Youth Care Worker.

Kibble recruited earlier in the year for caring individuals to join Career Start. Those who successfully passed the first stage of the application process were invited to a group interview.  Learning and Development along with previous Career Start graduates, Hazel and Aleisha hosted the roundtable. Both Hazel and Aleisha have worked with Kibble for over 3 years and provided a wealth of knowledge about what the programme and career entails, sharing a complete, genuine overview to the new recruits.

The day involved fun team-building activities and encouraged open discussion with question-and-answer sessions. All tasks helped everyone get to know one another and confirm their suitability to the responsibilities involved in undertaking the course. The candidates thoroughly enjoyed themselves and stated it had given them an insight into the role and Kibble itself as an employer. In line with our value of belonging, we strived to create a relaxed, positive experience for the potential recruits.

A highlight involved the team-building game, which saw candidates pretend to be on a desert island and having to cross the sea with their mat that acted as a ‘steppingstone’. Together they had to pass safely with some members blindfolded. It was a true feat of working together to develop trust and communication to problem-solve. All showed tremendous camaraderie.

The question-and-answer session paved the way for open discussion, which ranged from the Promise to what happens next in the application process as the candidates are keen to move forward, join Kibble, begin their training and start a career in care.

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