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Posted: February 5, 2021

Today (5th February 2021) marks an important milestone as we celebrate a year since the conclusion of The Independent Care Review in Scotland. The Review maps out the Scottish Government’s universal approach to transforming Scotland’s Care System and improve the lives of children and young people in Scotland.

One year on, we across Kibble pledge to #KeepThePromise and play an integral role in making Scotland the best ‘place in the world for children to grow up’ so that children are ‘loved, safe and respected and realise their full potential’.

Despite the challenges set by COVID-19, we have made significant progress in implementing many of the calls-to-action including implementation of therapeutic trauma-informed care. However, there is always more that can be done, and we strive to continually improve the landscape for children and young people. Below is Kibble’s pledge and a summary of our progress one year on.

Kibble’s Pledge

  • Continue providing a safe, nurturing environment for children and young people and to help them build brighter, positive futures.
  • Deliver trauma-informed care and recognise the importance of early intervention.
  • Help transform the lives of children and young people through the provision of education, training and employment opportunities that meet their needs.
  • Support young people on their journey to independent living. Give children and young people happy experiences, good memories and help them achieve a sense of belonging.
  • As a priority, provide care to children and young people in a loving setting.
  • Ensure there is a constant source of support for children and young people while they’re in our care.
  • Commit to sharing research and practice to support the Care Review.

Our Progress

  • Forest View Residential Houses opened in January 2021, creating a safe, therapeutic, and supportive environment in the heart of Lochwinnoch. The houses sit within forest grounds alongside our primary school, sustainable play areas, and animals to support therapeutic interaction.
  • Garnock Lodge is set to open this month providing residential care and support to children and young people in the peaceful semi-rural village of Lochwinnoch. This is the latest community-based residential service.
  • Our Systemic Family Service has supported over 30 families in the last year. The service works with young people and families to a shared understanding of each other’s perspectives and to strengthen family bonds.
  • Bute is due to open in early spring, providing residential care and close therapeutic support to children and young people. This is set in the grounds of our Paisley campus and has been developed in-line with trauma-informed principles across care, the environment including nature-inspired interiors, staffing and culture.
  • We are affiliated with the Restraint Reduction Network and our practice and trainings are aligned to de-escalation techniques and early intervention approaches.
  • Across Kibble, we have changed our approach to language, ensuring that all conversations, materials and documentation are using non-institutionalised language to prevent stigmatisation of young people in care.

Background of The Independent Care Review

In October 2016, the First Minister announced an Independent Root and Branch Review of Care driven by those with experience of care. In the four years until its final conclusions in February 2020, the Independent Care Review listened to over 5,500 experiences, including children cared for by Kibble and our own staff.

The Review published numerous reports which included: The Promise and Pinky Promise, The Plan, The Money and Follow The Money, The Rules and Thank You. All of these comprised The Promise which set out five foundations of all care practice including:

  • Voice
  • Family
  • Care
  • People
  • Scaffolding

They also listed over 80 calls-to-action including many specific to residential care, secure care and fostering, of which are referenced below.

As a charity that has placed young people at its heart for over 160 years, we promise to continue taking the recommendations forward, working with the wider sector to drive positive and lasting change that will better support the needs of Scotland’s most vulnerable young people. We will continue to work alongside our young people to help shape and co-produce service delivery in the years ahead.

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