Welcome to the Kibble CYC-Net Webinar Series. This series of webinars running from June to December 2018 will focus on current topics in the child and youth care sector.

Our webinar presenters include: James Freeman, MA, CYC-P, Director of Training Casa Pacifica; Frank Delano, President, Professional Package Consulting Inc.; Heather Modlin, Provincial Director, Key Assets NL; Okpara Rice, Chief Executive Officer, Tanager Place; Dr John M. Digney, National Training and Learning Development Coordinator, Tusla Children and Families Agency; Nancy Marshall MA BA CYC, Classroom Based CYW, Toronto District School Board and Professor Mark Smith, School of Education and Social Work, University of Dundee.

Our third presenter is John M. Digney, BSc Psychology (Hons), MSc (Psy), National Training & Development Coordinator at TUSLA Child & Family Agency. John will be delivering his webinar session on “The purposeful uses of humour in CYC”on Thursday 18 October at 1500 BST.


The programme for the fourth webinar in the Kibble CYC-Net Series.

Webinar Presentation: The purposeful uses of humour in CYC

Thursday 18 October 2018 – 1500 BST

In this session John Digney will examine the use of “humour-based interventions” to handle challenging or troubling behaviours and focus on the healthy and positive elements associated with therapeutic approaches. Attendees will gain appreciation of the complexity of humour, recognise the potential hazards associated with inappropriate use of humour and gain confidence in using humour in their professional practice.


All webinar sessions in the series are free to attend but registration for each webinar event is required. To register your attendance, please click on the Register Button below.


The Kibble CYC-Net Webinar Series is aimed at social work, health care and education professionals working in the child and youth care sector.

Our presenters have wide experience in the child and youth care and education sectors. The webinars are designed to disseminate knowledge, circulate ideas and share experiences. They are engaging and challenging and we encourage active participation from attendees with activities and tasks.

Webinar topics include:

  • The Practice of Nurturing Touch in Care Settings
  • Supervision
  • Disability Rights in CYC Practice: A Discussion
  • The purposeful Uses of Humour in CYC
  • Trauma 101
  • Organisational Culture and Holding Environments
  • The Nature of CYC Knowledge

Here’s some great comments from webinar participants on James Freeman’s “Nurturing Touch in Care Settings” webinars:

“Very stimulating discussion. Audio/video worked well and the interaction for a webinar was 10/10!! There was six of us today and we had a great conversation afterwards.”
– Ernie Hilton, Home Bridge Youth Society, Canada.

“The webinar was so easy to access and was thoroughly engaging. James Freeman’s style was perfect – he made me think, feel and question my assumptions on touch within care settings. The mixture of different learning materials and non-judging interactions with other participants felt very supportive.”
– Gordon Main, CELCIS, Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland.


Our presenter for the fourth session in the Kibble CYC-Net Webinar Series is Dr John M. Digney, BSc Psychology (Hons), MSc (Psy), National Training & Development Coordinator at TUSLA Child & Family Agency.

John Digney is a Psychologist with almost 30 years experience in the Alternative Care system and is professionally qualified in Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis and Training & Education.

John DigneyJohn is a Senior TransformAction International Training Consultant. He has an extensive research portfolio with a broad range of journal and book publications and has presented in Europe, Canada and the US.

Nancy Marshall MA BA CYC, Classroom Based CYW, Toronto District School Board

Nancy has been working as a classroom-based CYW for over ten years supporting autistic young people and students with diverse disabilities.

She is a contributor to CYC-Online and her research interests are disability studies, human rights and social justice.

Our presenter for the first sessions of the Kibble CYC-Net Webinar Series is:

James Freeman, MA, CYC-P, Director of Training, Casa Pacifica.

James Freeman lives in southern California (USA) and is the Director of Training at Casa Pacifica Centers for Children and Families.

He has over 25 years of direct practice experience in education, residential, afterschool, and family camp settings. He has served at executive level on international boards and volunteers as the Editor for the International Child and Youth Care Network (CYC-Net).

Webinar Downloads

Webinar 1
James Freeman: “Reflections and Perspectives on Touch in Current Practice”

Webinar 1 Presentation Webinar 1 Recording

Webinar 2
James Freeman “An Understanding of Touch and Strategies for Healthy Touch Environments”

Webinar 2 Presentation Webinar 2 Sample Policy

Webinar 3
Nancy Marshall: “Disability Rights in CYC Practice: A Discussion”

Webinar 3 Article Webinar 3 Presentation Webinar 3 Recording


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