Young People Tread The Boards At SIRCC Conference - Kibble: Specialist services & support for young people facing adversity
Posted: June 26, 2015

Over the past few months young people at Kibble have enjoyed working in partnership with Who Cares? Scotland on a number of very successful creative projects. The latest emotion fuelled performance premiered at the Scottish Institute for Residential Child Care’s 2015 Steps To Success conference at the Central Hotel in Glasgow earlier this month.

Based on the theme of ‘transitions’, Arts Development Officer Gavin Sinclair worked with performers Michael Fowler and Dylan Todd from Kibble, and young people from the drama group at Who Cares? Scotland to produce three diverse 15 minute plays about life in care.  Two had very positive outcomes and the final highlighted areas for improvement across the sector.

Andy Naylor, Service Manager at Kibble’s Clyde Intensive Support Unit said: “I found the piece absolutely moving. It reflected the emotional pain that can sometimes be invisible with young people and demonstrated that they cope, day-to-day, with this invisible pain. We must remember this as Child and Youth Care Workers and significant individuals in these young people’s lives. Validating and supporting appropriately is essential when responding to the presenting behaviours in the young person’s life space.”

The group of young actors worked tirelessly together in the weeks leading up to the premier and benefited from the coaching of Scottish actor Josh Whitelaw during rehearsals.  Their hard work paid off as they received a standing ovation at the end of the performance from a 300 strong audience.

Kibble’s contribution didn’t end there, on the second day of the conference Gavin Sinclair along with Who Cares? Scotland delivered a practical workshop on the same theme.  Young people were also in attendance to ensure their voice was being heard.  The exercises within the workshop were designed to look at the importance of a strong relationship and continuity of care, highlighting how uncomfortable unfamiliar situations can be, and demonstrating the ways in which feelings change during the process of transition.

Gavin explained: “I created drama and acting exercises that would be used with professional actors to stimulate feelings and emotions that replicate those of a young person in transition, similar to method acting. The delegates certainly reacted as I had planned and seemed to gain a lot from the workshop. It certainly got them thinking and talking. I was really pleased with how it went.”

Watch out for the next exciting instalment from this creative partnership!

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