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Posted: April 5, 2024

Pupils from Goudie Academy held their own music gig and impressed the crowd with cover songs and original tracks.

Young people formed a band called ‘The Kosmonauts’ who confidently took to the stage to showcase their talent. A total of six songs was performed LIVE to a full crowd.

A young band member shared how much fun was had, exclaiming how appreciative they were to everyone who had come along to watch ‘The Kosmonauts’: “I wish it had been longer, it went by really fast. I enjoyed playing all the songs with ‘Teenage Kicks’ being the best because we’d practiced that the most. I liked that everyone came to support us.”

Kibble’s Senior Funding Officer, Angela, attended and shared her awe at young peoples’ confidence and talent: “As soon as ‘The Kosmonauts’ walked onto the stage they acted like a professional band. The lead singer welcomed the us all straight away with a big “Hello, Paisley!” and asked if we wanted another song.”

At Kibble, there are many talented young people who thoroughly enjoy playing instruments, singing and song-writing. Through the Scottish Government’s Youth Music Initiative programme administered by Creative Scotland, the young musicians at Kibble received greater access to music-making through a range of fun workshops.

Prior to hosting their own music gig, young people of Kibble joined music workshops three-times-a-week. Everyone with an interest in music was invited to get involved – whether it was people with existing music-making skills, those who liked to sing or preferred to write their own song lyrics.

Each workshop was different. Some involved playing different instruments including drums, keyboard, guitar. Others were about the digital composition of music in the studio. All activities were designed for young people to experience what’s involved in building a career within the music industry.

As part of the Sounds Right Project, young people created their own record label, recorded themselves in the studio and produced a music video as well as host their own music gig. The performance demonstrated how valuable the music project has been in helping young people develop their skills that the funding is set to continue. Look out for ‘The Kosmonauts’ who are sure to have their name in lights.

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