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Posted: December 4, 2020

Volunteer Day has given us the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the fantastic individuals who dedicate their time to the young people at Kibble. With a friendly face, reliable nature and good listening skills, each volunteer acts as a positive role model to our young people.

Why Volunteer?

People can be motivated to volunteer for a range of reasons. Often, those who want to volunteer at Kibble are taking the first step in changing their career or are interested in giving something back to their local community.

Meet Kibble volunteer Gordon – semi-retired with newfound spare time, he began to reflect on his life. He paid particular attention to his childhood and growing up in Govan. Although there was not much money in the family house, there was plenty of love. The reassurance of constant support, along with the fortunate opportunity of progressing to higher education, lead him to build a successful business. The memory inspired him to think about how he could help change the life of a young person who needed encouragement.

Gordon decided to donate his time to a rewarding, important cause and was keen to find a way to support young people and inspire them to look forward to the future. He reached out to Kibble for volunteering opportunities and has since passed our application process.

Whilst I do not underestimate how difficult this role may be at times, if at the end of a year I can look back and know that I have helped even only one person in any way, this would be reward in itself.

Kibble Volunteer Gordon

What Does Volunteering at Kibble Involve?

Kibble offer care and support to young people aged five – 26 who may have experienced trauma. We provide residential and community support as well as dedicated schools and wellbeing services. Children and young people are offered a loving, safe place that will give them a chance at life.

Volunteers at Kibble will spend time with the young people from playing indoor games, going outside for sports activities, or enjoying day trips to the local beach, playpark or outdoor adventures. The fun can involve taking young people to their clubs or arranging activities from baking to video games.

Kibble Volunteer Allena wasn’t sure what to expect when she started volunteering with the organisation.

The friendly staff welcomed me immediately and instantly made me feel part of the team.

Kibble Volunteer Allena

At first, Allena was to interact with a wider group of young people. Playing cards and board games in a group setting, Allena and the young people had the chance to get to know one another. This was rather than singling out an individual young person immediately, overwhelming them with attention.

Within the group there was a young person who had struggled to communicate with unfamiliar faces previously. However, it was not long at all before this young person was enjoying spending time with Allena.

Allena has now formed a great, trusting relationship with the young person. They participated in the Kibble Bake-Off Challenge together and impressively won first prize.

Allena has expressed her delight in her decision to volunteer at Kibble:

I have watched the young person become more confident as the weeks have gone on and it really has been amazing to see. Volunteering for me has been extremely rewarding. It’s great to know I have played a small part in the young person’s positive development.

Kibble Volunteer Allena

Can I Volunteer at Kibble?

To volunteer at Kibble, we ask for you to be kind, caring and enjoy spending time with young people. As an enthusiastic, fun-loving person, you will encourage young people to join in with activities and help them find hobbies and interests.

It is hoped volunteers will commit to Kibble for at least six months to create meaningful bonds with young people.

Find out more about our application process by emailing your interest to: hr@kibble.org

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