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Posted: June 5, 2015

Kibble creatives joined forces with Who Cares? Scotland to entertain delegates at the recent Time to [act]: Care Can Be Phenomenal event with an original play, ’Do You Want A Complaints Form, Son?’ Taking a humorous look at relationships in the care system, the play generated thought provoking discussion and raised questions for the audience to take back to their organisations.  Kibble’s Creative Arts Development Officer Gavin Sinclair, pupils Leanne McCormack and Michael Fowler, and the Who Cares? Scotland talent performed to a packed audience twice during the event and received rapturous applause.  One group of care professionals was so impressed they asked to use the script within their own organisation in Northern Ireland.

David Baird, Kibble’s Executive Director – Fostering and Community-based Services, was in attendance and commented: “The play was very well received with the audience unanimously rating it as very good/excellent.  I think it would be worth presenting it to care staff to help them reflect on how they could review the language they use and the structures that exist to make them less institutionalised and more child-centred.”

The event was organised by Who Cares? Scotland, with support from the Scottish Government, the Life Changes TrustRenfrewshire Council, and University of The West of Scotland.  Delegates were given the opportunity to join workshops and share their views on the themes of rights, responsibilities, and relationships.  Speakers included representatives from Renfrewshire Council, Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young PeopleNUS Scotland, and Alumni of Scottish Care Leavers. Contributor Laura Beveridge touched the hearts of the audience when she shared her experience of growing up in care.

It was a great opportunity for young people and professionals to network; we look forward to the next event!

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