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Posted: September 2, 2015

Kibble is committed to the safety and protection of all of the young people whom we support.  Our recent inspection reports have highlighted regularly that young people feel safe with us.  We are conscious, however, of the concerns discussed nationally regarding the historical abuse of young people in care and have participated actively in these discussions in order to continue to reflect on how best to support young people in the future.  There may be young people who have left Kibble who would wish to raise issues or concerns about their time here.  We are happy to offer support or should they wish, they could contact the organisation set up nationally to listen to the experiences of anyone who has been in institutional care when they were a child.  This organisation is called The National Confidential Forum and their contact details are noted below.

Freephone no: 0800 121 4773
Office phone no: 0141 352 2333
Email to:

Post to:
PO BOX 27122

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