The Magic of Story-Telling at Forest View - Kibble: Specialist services & support for young people facing adversity
Posted: October 20, 2023

Through the Scottish Book Trust, Forest View experienced the magic of a storybook session. A creator and storyteller inspired children to enjoy reading and writing.

Forest View in Lochwinnoch has two children’s residential houses and a therapeutic primary school for those aged 5-12-years-old who have experienced trauma and adversity. The adults at Forest View love and care for the children and support them to move forwards. At Forest View, happy childhood memories are made, and imagination is brought to life through adventure and play.

Children were captivated by the recent story-telling session. A range of interesting stories were told about the world around us. Together we moved through the chapters with props to bring the words to life.

The feeling of textiles can help us understand what certain adjectives describe and the thrill of using a parachute can illustrate a scene in our minds. For example, the movement of the parachute replicated the motion of crashing waves, helping us imagine the ocean.

The sessions were held inside and outdoors in the garden and made everyone realise the fun of storytelling.

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